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Content Writers Are Good For Business

Hiring a professional writer for anything-online or offline-brings quite a bit of value to your business in terms of branding, promotion, customer impressions, and professional appearance in general. Nothing says quality and commitment to excellence like well written wordage, whether it be a simple sign or a full-blown website. Nothing says class and reliability better than correctly spelled, intelligent information that engages the reader and creates a desire to learn more. It’s human nature to want to connect to the message-whatever that happens to be-and it’s human nature to put one’s trust in high-quality communication rather than in sloppily presented information.

It’s all about creating the illusion of two-way communication at a certain level of excellence.

And that’s the very first reason why businesses need good content writers online. Professional writers understand the process of communication in ways that non-writers do not. Pro writers make their living making sure that the message gets across in the right way to the intended audience. In a writer’s mind, it all starts with the words. A writer not only is intimately familiar with the mechanics of human-to-human communications, he or she can also bring a fresh perspective to your business. Writers are used to jumping into a subject (think ‘business’) and making it work more effectively at the level of communication. Let’s face it, you’ve probably been preoccupied with running your business more than finding new and refreshing ways to talk about it.

You have experience in business. A writer has experience with words.

Writers are often uniquely suited to be both generalists and specialists when it comes to business writing. First, there’s the years of experience a seasoned professional writer brings to the craft of writing in general. Then, there’s the special skill set a writer might have in their bag of writing tricks that make him or her a good choice for copywriting, technical writing, creative development or many other forms of writing and content that are best left to a master. Ask yourself: are you a master crafter of words, whatever their audience and intended use? If you’re honest with yourself, the answer is probably a big ‘No!’ Leverage your business expertise by wisely choosing to leverage the abilities of others in your employ, including your writer. The results will speak for themselves.

Content writers know the technical tools that work best-and how to use them.

Professional content writers have the word chops. They may also know how to embed SEO key words into the copy, repurpose printed collateral onto the website or blog, drop content into the company Content Management System (CMS) or globalize it to the Component Content Management (CCM) system-Remember that amazingly expensive and complex application suite that you just had to have, the one that no one in your company seems to understand or be able to fully utilize? Your writers probably know the best XML tags to use to make the CEO look good and show up all over the Web. What’s that worth to you, hmm? If you are fortunate enough to latch onto a writer who can function both as a tool-savvy technical writer and as a creative copywriter, you get the best of both worlds: someone who is a powerhouse at launching content out into the world with the sophisticated content tools now available-and someone who can turn mere copy about features into a proclamation of benefits to your customers.

That’s why content writers are good for business.

What other professional can bring to the table highly developed technical skills, superb creative skills, the ability to understand and communicate with engineers, business people, customers, creative designers, and marketers? A good content writer is good for business because he or she is good for your business. If you want your website, online newsletter or business blog to shine, check out the many listings for writers and editors and put them to work today. It will be one of the best investments you will have ever made to ensure the future success and prosperity of your business.


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Kiran is an international Finance specialist and author of several publications on Marketing. Kiran is a regular contributor to online article sites on the topics of Content, Writing Marketing and SEO.